Welcome Message

Welcome to the 41st Anniversary ICKHS Congress!

Dear Distinguished colleagues,

It is my great honor and pleasure to welcome all to “The KHS 41st Anniversary: 2022 International Congress of the Korean Hip Society(ICKHS)” held by the Korean Hip Society(KHS). This event being the third international congress, celebrates the 41st anniversary of KHS on September 15(Thu.)~17(Sat.), 2022 at the Hotel Hyatte Incheon, Korea. Approaching such a meaningful moment, we already looked over the past 40 years and remind ourselves of 'the spirit of looking at 50 Years’.

I would like to hold a meaningful international conference that shows the first year of the next decade's development plan. As you know, the hip joint field has the longest history among the other various orthopedic societies and has always become the cornerstone of the development of orthopedic surgery and led innovation. I am sure this conference, which you will see this fall, serve as an opportunity to awaken your passion for hip joint study, which has shrunk under the COVID-19 Pandemic. In addition, I hope that it will serve as an opportunity for both colleagues and seniors and juniors to connect who have not been able to face to face under the COVID-19 Pandemic.

I look forward to seeing you all in Incheon, a historic city in Korea under the beautiful fall blue sky of Korea.

Yours sincerely,

Byung-Woo Min, MD, PhD

Byung-Woo Min
Ye-Yeon Won, MD, PhD
Chairman, Korean Hip Society
President of the ICKHS 2022
Professor, Section Chief of Hip & Knee Implant Surgery, Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Ajou University College of Medicine, Suwon, Republic of Korea